The Ratón Cocktail

Rum and sherry are two great tastes that taste great together. During Seattle Sherry Week (yes, that’s a thing), I wrote about this pairing and included the recipe for Rumba’s Sherry Week cocktail as well as my own favorite rum/sherry concoction. I've now got another to share!A few days back I was at Bathtub Gin... Continue Reading →

Colonial American Inspired Rum – The next level of rum wizardry from Lost Spirits Distillery

Longtime readers of this blog know I’m a big proponent of Lost Spirits rum. From his tiny distillery in the agricultural farmland of central California, distiller Bryan Davis has been putting on a fireworks show of rum science, using proprietary, patented techniques to create intensely flavored, high-proof rums that emphasize specific flavor characteristics that he... Continue Reading →

Five Great Multi-Heritage Rums

  Within the spirits world, many liquors highlight their particular provenance – bourbon from Kentucky, Scotch whisky from, well, Scotland, cognac and calvados from France, tequila and mezcal from Mexico, and so on. However, you rarely see bottled blends of those spirits where the components are from different countries: Picture a blend of Irish whiskey... Continue Reading →

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