Berentzen Apple and Pear Liqueurs

Today I’m looking at apple and pear liqueurs from Berentzen, a German distiller founded in 1758 in Haselünne. In 1976 they started blending their wheat distillate with various fruit juices to create liqueurs. Both the apple and pear liqueurs are a blend of wheat-based neutral grains spirits and fresh apple and pear juice, respectively.  Neither... Continue Reading →

The Ratón Cocktail

Rum and sherry are two great tastes that taste great together. During Seattle Sherry Week (yes, that’s a thing), I wrote about this pairing and included the recipe for Rumba’s Sherry Week cocktail as well as my own favorite rum/sherry concoction. I've now got another to share!A few days back I was at Bathtub Gin... Continue Reading →

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