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California Rumfest 2016

California Rum Festival 2016 in Pictures

To the uninitiated, a spirits festival, especially one focused on rum, might seem like an exercise in debauchery with faux pirates swinging from the chandeliers….

A closer look at Denizen Aged White rum

In this story, we’ll be taking a closer look at Denizen White Rum (technically, Denizen Aged White Rum). White rum is one of those spirits…

Five Great Multi-Heritage Rums

Within the spirits world, many liquors highlight their particular provenance – bourbon from Kentucky, Scotch whisky from, well, Scotland, cognac and calvados from France, tequila…

Eight Excellent, Lesser Known Rums for under $25

Here at Casa Cocktail Wonk we drink a lot of rum. While I happily pull out my wallet for well-regarded high end rum, I also…