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Talking Marques, Muck, and Dunder with Hampden Estate

One of my activities as the WIRSPA community envoy is preparing and hosting our Rum Talk series, wherein we go behind the scenes at many…

Jamaican Rum on Acid: How Vinegar Brings the Funk

The learning never stops. For several years I’ve endeavored to understand the flavor science and history behind Jamaican rum’s unique hogo. As part of that…

High Ester Rum Production with Vivian Wisdom

This story was originally posted here on Cocktail Wonk. However, to resolve certain technical issues, the background information and slide deck have been moved here….

Hampden Estate

Days of Dunder: Setting the Record Straight on Jamaican Rum’s Mystery Ingredient

Hogo. Funk. The smell of overripe banana. Jamaican rum is uniquely beloved in the spirits world for its powerful, easily identifiable pungent fruitiness. Connoisseurs of…