South of the Border Zombie

With Mrs CocktailWonk off in Europe this week touring faucet factories and perusing liquor stores on my behalf, I've been catching up on some quality bar time around Seattle. However I’d been ignoring my home bar and by Friday I was feeling some homemade Tiki was in order (surprise!) but with an upcoming visit to... Continue Reading →

The Essential Arsenal of Tiki Rums

IMPORTANT: What follows has been superseded by a much more methodical and well-laid out story: The Six ssential Tiki Rum Categories. My book, Minimalist Tiki also contains up-to-date rum background and recommendations I have left this post in place for archival completeness. When I first fell down the Tiki rabbit hole, working my way through... Continue Reading →

Diplomatico Rum Lunch

  Great food and rum at La Isla I recently attended a lunch at La Isla restaurant in Seattle hosted by Diplomatico Rum, celebrating the return of Diplomatico's line of rums to Washington State stores after an absence of several years. Alex Mejido of Domaine Select Wine Estates, a wine and spirit importer led us through tastings of the... Continue Reading →

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