Hello! I’m Matt Pietrek. Thanks for your curiosity about my site!

Cocktail Wonk is where I share my passion for all things drinking related, be they cocktails, bars, mixology, tiki, spirits, and spirited history.  I share my thoughts and experiences extensively on social media and have a surprisingly robust following on Instagram.

Some highlights of my spirited journey:

I’ve previously authored a number of books and articles on Microsoft Windows, reverse engineering, and software development, and been recognized internationally as one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic.

I now use my ability to immerse myself in the world of spirits, cocktails, and bars. Much as I did when writing about Windows, I immerse myself in a topic, demystify it and then teach what I’ve learned in a straightforward manner.

An integral part of the Cocktail Wonk experience is Mrs. Wonk (aka, Carrie in her civilian life), who provides storytelling wisdom, extreme copy-editing and much of the funny. She’s actually a much more entertaining writer, but I’m the one with the free time.

I can be reached at cocktailwonk @ gmail.com

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