The Cocktail Wonk is Matt Pietrek.
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Writing and Consulting
I’m available for writing, researching and consulting projects. If you think I can assist you, drop me a line!

I’m available for cocktail classes and guided spirit tastings – Rum in particular! Drop me a line!

Review Sample Policy
If you have a product you think fits within the ethos of this blog, please contact me at the above addresses. I focus primarily on spirits like rum, whiskey, brandies, gins, and amaros. I’ve never written about flavored vodka expression or the latest shooters. When I come across an amazing cocktail, I’ll write about it enthusiastically. However, I don’t write seasonal/thematic cocktail “roundups”.

If samples are provided to me, I  disclose that a review sample was used in the post. I put serious thought into my reviews, and call a spade a spade. That said, I’m enthusiastic to promote high quality products that I’d personally recommend to my readers.

Even if a particular spirit isn’t an obvious fit for a full review, it might work great on my Instagram feed, where I frequently showcase interesting spirits. Currently I have over 33,000 followers who enjoy my daily, steady stream of spirits, cocktails and bar updates.