Rum & Cane Spirits – Collected Works

“All roads lead to rum.” -W. C. Fields

The spiritual core of Cocktail Wonk is deep dives into rum you won’t find anywhere else. From flavor science to the obscure companies behind much of the global rum trade, we’ve covered it here.

Below is a curated list of rum-related links written by me for CocktailWonk, PUNCH and Bevvy.

Introductory Rum Knowledge

Advanced Rum Topics

Deep Dives & Secrets Reveals

Geographic Indications (Regulations) for Rum

Rum History

Jamaican Rum

Jamaica Rum Marques Roundup

Guyana (Demerara) Rum

Martinique / Guadeloupe (French Rhum)

Cuban Rum

Barbados Rum

Saint Lucia Rum

Puerto Rican Rum

Trinidad Rum

Grenada Rum


Other Rummy Topics

Ruminations Column (Bevvy)

PUNCH Magazine

Event Write-ups