Upcoming U.S. Rum Releases from Plantation, Cana Brava, Doorly’s, J.Wray, and more – Sept-Oct 2015

This posts is for my rum wonk compatriots who are always searching for new rumtastic beauties for their collection. In a prior post, I wrote about the searching the TTB site to look for TTB label approvals. Generally speaking, each unique spirit must get TTB label approval before it can be sold in the U.S. The presence of TTB label approval implies that the producer plans to bring this sprit to market. To get label approval, label images and other details must be provided to the TTB. In turn, this information and label images for approved labels are available to anybody on the TTB site.

To construct the table below, I did a targeted query against the TTB database, constrained to the past few months, and then cherry picked some of the label approvals that I think are of broadest interest to the rum community. There are certainly more rum approvals than what’s listed here. It’s also likely that many of the rums in this list haven’t been officially announced by the brands. There is often a significant length of time between label approval and bottles appearing on the shelf.

One challenge of looking at TTB label approvals is that there’s no clear way to determine if this is a new product, or simply a small change to an existing product’s label. I made a best effort to filter out existing products, but I may have overlooked something along the way.

While I might know a few extra details about certain rums on this list, I deliberately chose to stick to information from the label, or which has been published elsewhere. To see more information, simply click the “TTB Link” in the appropriate row. The label imagery is always at the bottom.


Name Notes Link to TTB label
Rhum Clement 15 15 years. Martinique TTB Link
Doorly’s 12 12 years. Barbados TTB Link
K&L Faultline Single Cask Nicaragua 15 years. Nicaragua TTB Link
K&L Faultline Carribean Rum 17 years TTB Link
J. Wray Silver Rebranded from Appleton TTB Link
J. Wray Gold Rebranded from Appleton TTB Link
Plantation Jamaica Vintage Edition 10 years Jamaica, 2 years France TTB Link
Plantation Barbados Vintage Edition 8 yeara Jamaica, 2 years France TTB Link
Plantation Trinidad Limited Edition 8 years Trinidad, 1.5 years France TTB Link
Rational Spirits Santeria Lost Spirits reactor-based TTB Link
Cana Brava Reserva Aneja 7 years. Panama TTB Link

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