Minimalist Tiki Classic 30 Recipe Links

In our Minimalist Tiki book, we mathematically analyzed thirty classic tiki recipes to find their most common ingredients.

In our first two printings we provided those recipes, formatted in our standard format and terminology for the sake of reference. However, prior to our third printing we saw an opportunity to bring more value to our readers. Our third printing (and subsequent editions) feature modernized takes on these classic recipes from some our Modern Tiki Vanguard bartenders.

In order to keep things simple, we’ve replaced the original classic recipes, 1-for-1 with the modern takes. However, we understand some people may want the original classic recipes as well. Since all of the original Classic 30 recipes are available in numerous places online, we’ve created this handy page to make it easy to find them.

Tiki Drink Book

What follows are links to other sites, including the Beachbum’s site, where you can find the recipe. Alternatively, you can find them on the Beachbum’s highly recommended Total Tiki app.

151 SwizzleLink
Bali BaliLink
Chief Lapu LapuLink
Cobra’s FangLink
Cocoanut GroveLink
Doctor FunkLink 1, Link 2
Donga PunchLink 1, Link 2
Eastern SourLink 1, Link 2
El DiabloLink
Fog CutterLink 1, Link 2
HurricaneLink 1, Link 2
Jet PilotLink 1, Link 2
Mai TaiLink
Montego BayLink
Mr. Bali HaiLink
Navy GrogLink, Link 2
Planter’s PunchLink
Polynesian ParalysisLink
Port LightLink
Royal Hawaiian Mai TaiLink
Rum BarrelLink
SaturnLink 1, Link 2
Shrunken SkullLink
Suffering BastardLink
Test PilotLink
Three Dots and a DashLink