The Cocktail Wonk Guide to Effective Social Media in the Spirits Industry

At the recent California Rum Festival, I presented a session about my experiences in building a large social media following for the Cocktail Wonk brand, plus observations on what works and doesn’t work for other social media feeds.

The presentation, available as PDF, includes my slides and my accompanying notes can be found here:


In the deck you’ll find:

  • My take on the strengths and weakness of platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • The need to “define your story”.
  • What works and doesn’t work in posts.
  • A substantial chunk of the presentation focus on creating effective, appealing photos to use in your photos – so much of the drinks industry is visual!
  • Specific social media accounts that are doing a great job.

Do check it out, and feel free to add feedback and questions in the comments here!

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  1. Thanks for posting this for those of us that couldn’t make it up to California Rum Fest. I appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned about posting to social media. It can be frustrating at times because I am a lot more engaged with friends and listeners on Instagram, but the only live link is in the user’s profile. Links galore on Twitter, but no one’s really active there (at least in the same community-oriented way they are on Instagram).

  2. Good stuff Matt, lots of great info and photo tips – learned a few things myself. I’m glad you included the legal slide – I don’t believe that is well known to many smaller and newer producers.

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